“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” – Mathew 5:4

Once again the current god of this world, Lucifer, is sowing his evil deeds.  It seems that more and more he and his minions are demonstrating that this world is under their control.  They continue to whisper in our ears and wreak havoc on earth.

We cannot forget this is the plan.  This is how it has to be.  This type of behavior in a lost and dying world is not a surprise.  The truth is we need God now more than ever.  The ever-growing effects of evil in America and in the world never seem to end.  Humans taking other’s lives illustrate this clearly.  In America we see mass shootings and violence.  In other parts of the world even-greater mass casualties don’t even make the news.   Our Christian brothers and sisters are being needlessly killed, whether through tragedies like Boulder, or through corrupt or powerless governments in places like Africa and the East.  

We need to remember God’s word; that those who mourn will be comforted.  God is working His perfect plan.  He allows these tragedies to for unseen purposes, all for our good and His glory.  These events remind us how blessed we are and that a beautiful heaven awaits. 

Our prayer Lord is that you comfort those who mourn.  Oh God, please fill the effected families with your truth and knowledge and that Your mighty hand is on the wheel.  You allow these tragedies for a purpose.  Let Your word come alive in their hearts and ours.  Show us earth for what it is, a vapor in time, a temporary habitat that you will soon reclaim.

We lift up our hands Lord to those recovering physically and emotionally.  Give them Your strength to get through these events, one day at a time.  Show them God how You turn pain into blessings.  

We know that many turn to God in extreme times of tribulation and pain.  Let us be lights to those hurting, peacefully available with truth and comfort.  Though we do not fully understand, let us trust in Him who created us.  He has our utmost best in His plan, and loves us beyond measure, even in tragedy.  As the bible so clearly states, we know the ending.  It is glorious.

 God Bless,