Have I not commanded you?  Be Strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”  – Joshua 1:9

Thirty-three times in the NKJV bible the Holy Spirit, via human writers, commands us to “be strong.”  We are children of God, heirs to the Kingdom, saints of the Most High God.  Through unimaginable love and mercy, we were paid for by an enormous debt, the death of God’s most precious Son.  He has us in His hands.  Our Lord wants us to know and feel confident in the power and position we hold.  Not only is there no reason for us to feel weak, we are to lean on Him.  When we are weak, we are strong, which means most of the time we are really strong!

God does not want us to be embroiled in the worries of life, living in fear and doubt.  Many of the biblical passages were directed to the Israelites who faced insurmountable odds.  They were most often facing established, large numbered and battle-hardened enemies on their own turf.  The Lord wanted not just to tell them, not just to command them, but to show them, He was in control.  They had nothing to fear.  There was no reason to lack courage; no reason to think they were weak.  Their strength then, and our strength now, rests with Him.

We will face trials.  They are expected, even ordained.  Trials establish us.  The Lord commands that we face them valiantly.  Through our strength we demonstrate our faith in Him.  Through our courage we face down satan and his minions.  Through strength and courage we honor the One who created us, the One who created the universe and everything in it; the One who gave everything out of love for His children

Exhibiting courage and strength are important to the Lord.  Be strong is repeated over and over in His Word.  Look through these passages.  Study them.  See how, when God’s people faced insurmountable odds with strength and courage, He delivered them and more.  We are not to feel weak.  We don’t get up in the morning worried about what’s going on in the world.  We are engulfed in the protecting arms of the Lord our God.  There is nothing to fear, nothing can harm us outside of His love and sovereign will.

God bless,